Designs and Codes

April 3-10, 2005

Scientific Program

Current list of keynote speakers:

E. O'Brien: Effective algorithmic approaches to the construction and classification of finite groups ( abstract )
A. E. Brouwer:
G. Butler: Combinatorial problems from genomics ( abstract )
C. Colbourn: Cover-free Families and Topology-Transparent Communication ( abstract )
J. Dinitz: Perfect and Uniform One-factorizations of the complete graph( abstract )
J. Doyen: Constructing combinatorial structures with prescribed numbers of orbits ( abstract )
H-D. Gronau: Super-simple designs( abstract )
G.B. Khosrovshahi: On the recursive constructions of large sets of t-designs ( abstract )
E. Konstantinova: Reconstruction of permutations from their  erroneous pattern ( abstract )
V. Levenshtein: Graph reconstruction from metric balls of all its vertices ( abstract )
S. Magliveras: Group theoretic methods in the construction of large sets of t-designs ( abstract )
R. Mathon: Translation planes of order 32 with  non-trivial translation complement ( abstract )
P. Östergard: Classification of Combinatorial Designs ( abstract )
V. Pless: Binary Self-Dual Codes and Formally Self-Dual Codes ( abstract )
C. Praeger: On point-imprimitive, block-transitive designs ( abstract )
T. v. Tran: On Covering Arrays ( abstract )
W. Willems: Error probabilities in data transmissions ( abstract )

Contributed Talks:
Each conference delegate is invited to present a contributed Talk. The time-limit for these talks will be 25 minutes.

R. F. Bailey: Permutation groups, Error-correcting Codes and Uncoverings ( abstract )
Y. Ben-Haim: Exact Minimum Density of Codes Identifying Vertices in the Square Grid ( abstract )
A. Betten:
Geometric Codes and Hyperovals ( abstract )
M. Bogaerts: Permutation Arrays and Isometries of Sym(n) ( abstract )
N. Bougard: Lotto designs and Lotto numbers ( abstract )
M. Braun: Designs over finite fields ( abstract )
J. De Beule: The Hermitian variety H(5,4) has no ovoid ( abstract )
M. Buratti: Graph decompositions with a prescribed automorphism group ( abstract )
P. Cara:
Independent sets in finite projective groups ( abstract )
A. Devillers: Homogeneous and ultrahomogeneous Steiner systems ( abstract )
A. Drapal: Code loops and conjugacy closedness ( abstract )
H. Fripertinger: Enumeration of the semi-isometry classes of linear codes ( abstract )
A. Gasparyan: Heterogeneous Relational Association schemes ( abstract )
P. Govaerts: Weighted minihypers I ( abstract )
H. Gropp: Existence and colouring of configurations ( abstract )
P. Gruettmueller: Cyclically Indecomposable Triple Systems that are Decomposable ( abstract )
L. Joergensen: Normally regular digraphs ( abstract )
P. Kaski: Nonexistence of Perfect Steiner Triple Systems of Orders 19 and 21 ( abstract )

A. Klein: Covers and partial spreads of polar spaces ( abstract )
M. Klin: Siamese association schemes and Siamese Steiner designs (45min) ( abstract )
A. Kohnert: Construction of optimal Codes ( abstract )
I. Kovacs: On Cayley digraphs of semidirect products of abelian groups ( abstract )
V. Krcadinac: Finite linear spaces consisting of two symmetric configurations ( abstract )
C.Y. Ku: Intersecting families of set partitions ( abstract )
P. Lisonek: Enumeration of codes of fixed cardinality up to isomorphism ( abstract )
S. Molodtsov: Computer construction of minimal graphs of diameter 2 ( abstract )
M. Muzychuk: New series of strongly regular graphs ( abstract )
D. Nikolova: Characterisation of Finite Soluble Groups by Two-Variable Commutator Identities ( abstract )
A. Pasotti: A generalization of difference matrices and its applications to graph decompositions ( abstract )
M-O. Pavcevic: Series of Hadamard designs ( abstract )
H. Pralle: Line spreads of polar spaces of rank 4 inducing generalized quadrangles ( abstract )
S. Puzynina: Perfect colorings of the infinite rectangular grid ( abstract )
M. Sebille: Cyclic superposed designs ( abstract )
F. Solov'eva: On intersection of perfect binary codes ( abstract )
L. Storme: Weighted minihypers II ( abstract )
B. Tayfeh-Rezaie: Williamson matrices up to order 55 ( abstract )
A. Wassermann: Finding simple 8-designs with a probabilistic algorithm (abstract)
P-H. Zieschang: A representation-theoretical characterization of Moore geometries(abstract)

There will be a poster session.

B. Fiedler: Short formulas for algebraic curvature tensors via Algebraic Combinatorics ( abstract )
A. Kerber: Modular irreducible representations of the symmetric group as codes
R. Laue:
Construction of t-designs
S. Reichard: The smallest non-rank 3 graphs with the 4-vertex condition ( abstract )

Conference Proceedings
The proceedings of the conference will be published about May 2005. .

Local Organizers:

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