Gößweinstein (Germany)

September 12-19, 1999

The aim of the conference is to bring together leading researchers from mathematical theory (including related computer science) and its applications in chemistry and physics in order to stimulate fruitful interdisciplinary discussions and to generate an impact regarding future research in this area.

Topics to be presented:

  • Finite group actions
  • Other combinatorial tools like generating functions, species and computer algebra
  • Applications of combinatorics in chemistry
  • Connection of mathematics with physics
  • A special emphasis will be on the presentation of related software packages

Please note:

On sunday evening (Sept. 12) the organizers can be reached at

Balthasar Neumann Str 6
91327 Goessweinstein
Tel (+49) (0)9242 201
FAX (+49) (0)9242 7318

For more information please contact

Prof. Dr. A. Kerber,
Prof. Dr. R. Laue,
Lehrstuhl II f. Mathematik
Universität Bayreuth

D-95440 Bayreuth

Conference email-address:

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