July 10-16, 2005

Rational Points on Curves -
Explicit Methods

Workshop at International University Bremen




Over the last years, techniques for determining the set (or group) of rational points on curves over number fields have seen an amazing development. Now appears to be a good time to get together the main actors in this play in order to take stock of what has been achieved and what the directions for future research could or should be.


By bringing together the leading experts and giving them the opportunity to present their latest results and their view on the field in general, we hope to provide a fertile basis for animated discussions. As a result, we hope to achieve a better understanding of the current state of the art and, more importantly, to identify and explore the most promising directions for future work.


This is a small workshop with about 20 participants. Every participant is expected to contribute actively to the success of the event, by giving talks and by taking part in the discussions. Talks will be scheduled mostly in the mornings, to leave the afternoons available for discussions and collaboration.

Invited Speakers

Fedor Bogomolov (Courant Institute), Nils Bruin (SFU Vancouver), Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène (Orsay), Tom Fisher (Cambridge), Victor Flynn (Liverpool), Cathy O'Neil (MIT), Ed Schaefer (Santa Clara), Samir Siksek (Oman), Denis Simon (Caen), Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College London), William Stein (Harvard), Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (Cambridge).

Further Participants

Martin Bright (Liverpool), David Brown (Berkeley), John Cannon (Sydney), Steve Donnelly (IU Bremen), Dimitar Jetchev (Berkeley), Kamal Khuri-Makdisi (American University Beirut), Remke Kloosterman (Hannover), Adam Logan (Liverpool), Victor Lopez Neumann (Geneva), Thomas Ludsteck (Stuttgart), Ronald van Luijk (Berkeley), Victor Rotger (UPC Barcelona), Anatoli Segura Velez (UPC Barcelona), Sebastian Stamminger (IU Bremen), Mark Watkins (Sydney/Bristol), Olivier Wittenberg (Université Paris-Sud)

Travel and Accomodation

Sunday, July 10, is arrival day; Saturday, July 16, is departure day. Accomodation will be provided in one of the residential colleges on the IUB campus. See here for information on how to get to the IUB campus.


Michael Stoll (IU Bremen)

Supported by

International University Bremen, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

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Michael Stoll