September 12-19, 1999

Scientific Program

Current list of keynote speakers:

M. Clausen: Computational Representation Theory and Fast Fourier Transforms
M. Deza: Three-, four- and five-dimensional fullerene manifolds
A. Dress: New Approaches to Clustering Theory
D. Foata: Proving partition classical identities, to-day manipulatorics, to-morrow software?
P. Fowler: Systematics of the Fullerenes - Enumeration, Construction and Characterisation
J. Grabmeier: On polynomial group laws, cohomology and codes
I. Gutman: The Energy of a Graph: Old and New Result
A. Lascoux: Bruhat order on affine Coxeter groups
R. Laue: Constructing objects up to isomorphism
T. Lulek: Group actions and classification of quantum states of Heisenberg model of magnetism
A. Morris: The combinatorics of the character theory of some group extensions
P. Paule: The Renaissance of MacMahon's Partition Analysis
V. Strehl: Aspects of Combinatorial Species Theory
K. Varmuza: From spectral data via isomer generation to chemical structure
K. H. Zimmermann: On Linear Codes over Chain Rings and Non-Linear Codes

Contributed Talks:
Each conference delegate is invited to present a Contributed Talk. The time-limit for these talks will be 25 minutes.

Conference Proceedings
The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer in May 2000. Authors who intend to submit a paper for publication in the conference proceedings must hand in a camera ready manuscript of the paper at the conference office by noon on September 19, 1999. Contributed papers are restricted to 12 pages and should be prepared using LaTeX together with Springer style files for Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering .

Local Organizers:

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