September 12-19, 1999


The conference will take place in:
Katholisches Pfarr und Wallfahrtszentrum
Am Kreuzberg 8

Arrival is planned for Sunday, September 12, 1999, in the afternoon. A fixed meeting point is the Scheffelgasthof, which is close to the Basilika (to the left across a small road).

The following maps show the meeting point and the lecture room in Goessweinstein. We have a small version and a large version of the map. If you click on the following maps, you get the full map:

Bus transfer from Pegniz to Goessweinstein is desribed here.

One car will start at Pegniz Railway station at 7:30 pm (A. Wassermann).

Please contact us if you need further help with transportation.

If you come by car, this page describes the route to Goessweinstein.

Local Organizers:

last change: September 1, 1999.