Workshop: Groups in Action 1996

Schloß Thurnau (Germany)

October 20 -24, 1996

Constructive Theory of Discrete Structures, Applications, Algorithms etc.

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(Deadline for registration: September 30, 1996)
WARNING ! because of technical problems, the www form had been inactive for a few weeks. If you have registered but don't find your name on any of these pages: please register again now !

People wishing to give a talk should post their title now. A short abstact would be nice (send it by email).

At the moment, we have the following speakers:

The following people will participate: For more information please contact

Prof.Dr.R.Laue, or
Anton Betten
Lehrstuhl II f. Mathematik
Universität Bayreuth

D-95440 Bayreuth


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