April 3-10, 2005

How to get there


If you intend to come by plane: the nearest international airport to Thurnau is Frankfurt or Munich. From the airport you should go by train to Kulmbach.


If you intend to come to the conference by train, you should go to Kulmbach and then take a bus to Thurnau.

In Kulmbach you take the Bus 8418 to Thurnau. It will take about 20 min to Thurnau.

The timetable of the bus line:

  Saturday Sunday Monday-Friday
Kulmbach - bus station near railway station
11.48, 17.48 6.27,7.48,9.48,11.48,12.18,

If you plan to use the bus on Sunday, please tell us which bus you plan to use, we have to inform the bus company as this bus only starts if people need it.

You may also take a taxi to Thurnau, it is only 11km  from the railway station to the 'Schloß'  in Thurnau. We got a special fare for the transport from the railway station to the Schloß. It is 20 Euro per taxi. Please look for the taxi (Taxi Götz)  with a Thurnau sign. Please look for colleagues ariving at the same time to share the ordered taxis.

We already ordered a taxi for people arriving at 16.22   and at 18.22.

Here you can get additional information about traveling using train and buses through the timetable of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

Please contact us, if  you need help with the transport from Kulmbach to Thurnau. 


If you indent to come by car, here are some hints to get to Thurnau: use the online route planner:

last change: March 29, 2005.